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We are the first Indonesian tech company that entered the wireless solution provider for Airlines passengers and one of few in the world. Providing All in system , end to end solution, with ground-breaking innovation.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Connectivity

With in-flight Wi-Fi increasingly provided by airlines, more and more digital addicts are able to remain connected in the sky.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Entertainment

Whether you’re flying alone or with your family, you can relax, have fun and enjoy every minute of the flight with our in-flight entertainment system. Featuring an impressive array of movies, popular TV series and video games, our selection is regularly updated to provide you with ongoing variety.

Our Integrated Solution

Supported by Our Partners Specialized in Respecting Fields

- B2C E-Commerce Platforms
-Multi Enterprise Application and Data Relationship Management
-Decision Support System


Maintenance and Support System for Connected Aircrafts

Passengers BYOD Application and Facilities

Inflight WiFi

Seamless WiFi

Unlimited Inflight Entertainment

Boost airline operations

We bring every aspect offline, allow access to critical data, improve efficiency and improve customer service.

Mobile Acitivity

Along with the number of mobile apps users. now no longer need to use a pc or laptop computer. so just use a smartphone. with the wifi on aircraft can help the user or passenger of the aircraft to complete its activities.

Keep flyers connected

With over 80 million connectivity sessions delivered, We have the best provider that offers a multilevel experience that keeps flyers connected with the most important.

Office :

PT. Mahata Aero Teknologi

Prosperity Tower 9th floor, Unit F
District 8, SCBD Lot 28
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53,
Jakarta Selatan 12190

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